In our experience there are two types of people who make good facilitators

When you introduce members...

You will earn:

(from membership registration fees)

Your monthly residual income will be:

(from membership registration fees)

When you gather members per month...

At the end of two years you will have earned a
compounded residual income of:

Firstly, professional people who want to sell more of their services enjoy a prominent position as a group facilitator and rapidly make new connections. The income they earn running a group is useful but usually secondary to the additional fees they earn selling more of their own services.

Starting a new group is very straightforward. Ten pioneer members form a steering committee and influence both the membership structure and its rate of growth. Relationship building with a well-connected team of professionals in a structured networking environment is a powerful referral medium.

The following professions make good pioneers.

  • Accountant
  • Solicitor
  • Financial adviser
  • Insurance broker
  • Business coach
  • Marketing consultant
  • Social media consultant
  • Web developer
  • IT consultant
  • Printer

Pioneers are allowed to invite one associate pioneer from their profession to join the group. This ensures the two members from each profession complement one other and work well together. Pioneer members are therefore never placed at a competitive disadvantage whilst the group’s members have a choice of professional advisers.

There can be up to three members in every other category.

If each pioneer member brings 2-3 guests to the launch meeting, a new group will have over twenty members in the first month of launch. Just one new member per week thereafter will create a group of fifty plus within the first six months.

Facilitators retain £150 of the £250 annual membership fees and £10 of the £15 monthly fees. A group of 100 will generate a facilitator income of £27,000 pa.

There’s no cold calling or heavy selling at GiveBackWorks. Members invite visitors to the monthly meetings they already know. Visitors want to join because it’s easy for them to see how they’ll generate an early payback from a modest investment.

If you would like to apply to become a facilitator please contact us.