If you're running a business and want to increase sales, you need to be connected

This means networking with the right groups of business people and the right groups of consumers. You'll then be recommended directly or indirectly to the people who need your products and services. They're all out there. You just need to be connected!

In our digitally connected smart world it's now more important than ever to develop an integrated networking and sales strategy.

GiveBackWorks runs training and networking groups throughout the UK. As a visitor you'll receive a warm welcome at any of our groups.

Take a look at our networking toolbox to see how we can help.

You'll find the membership fees extremely affordable and quickly self-financing.

If you can't find a suitable local area you should apply to become a facilitator and start your own group. It's a great way to build a vibrant network and earn a useful second income.

If you would like to visit one of our groups please contact us and speak to your local facilitator.